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STORM CyberDecider is the leading cyber insurance comparison engine.

Helping you to compare UK cyber insurance policies with ease.


What we do

Simplifying cyber policy comparison 

The cyber insurance market is vast, and policies use a range of different terminologies to describe their coverage; deciding which best suits your client's needs can be like finding a needle in a haystack. CyberDecider uses advanced filters that process all leading insurers, giving non-biased results, allowing key definitions to be broken down and understood.

CyberDecider has been created to offer an at-a-glance view, comparing each suitable policy. Filtering all of your client’s specific needs, the tool enables you to showcase targeted policies and the areas of cover provided without costing you valuable time in research. 

For insurers and brokers looking to compare their policies against competitors or gain market insight, the CyberDecider tool provides the means to take a deep look and gain a clearer perspective.   


Why CyberDecider?

If you are a cyber market specialist looking for an independent insight into the areas of cover provided by leading cyber insurance policies, our comparison engine has been designed for you. Created by some of the most experienced cyber risk management advisors in the world, you’re in safe, knowledgeable hands.

Select your own policy requirements

The CyberDecider tool is designed to make policy selection easy. You simply select the features you want to compare, and the tool provides an immediate list of policies that meet those requirements. Get to know your client’s unique needs and simply save their filter results to your client lists for future use.

At-a-glance policy comparison

Fine-tuned for a user-friendly experience, the results that are given after policy filters have been applied, are clear and easily translated to your clients. With a side-by-side comparison of short-listed policies, you can breeze through those that meet requirements and those that don’t. Results can be downloaded and presented to clients, enabling you to demonstrate compliance. 

View policy highlights, rating factors & finer details

CyberDecider is the only cyber insurance comparison engine that allows an in-depth view into policy highlights, the factors which drive underwriting decisions, and in-depth policy details at-a-glance. The engine enables you to delve into these finer details without the effort of research. 

How it works

Broker benefits

Activate membership

You can activate your membership to CyberDecider for just £18 per user/month or £420 annually for a 5-user account with included support. If you’re looking for ways to save time and money in your cyber policy search, sign up to CyberDecider today.

Keep up-to-date

Designed by some of the most experienced cyber risk management advisors in the world, CyberDecider enhances cyber insurance markets by enabling unbiased and independent comparisons of leading cyber policies. We regularly update our system with the latest policies and amendments from governing cyber insurers.

Gain a better cyber understanding

We understand that insurers and brokers face challenges with cyber terminologies and this can cause confusion when discussing terms. We aim to address the issue of cyber policy inclusions and exclusions by offering clear definitions which can be translated to the client.

Terms and Definitions

We strive to keep brokers educated in cyber and able to give their clients knowledgeable explanations of their policies. Our terms and definitions guide has been created to do just that.

Policies included

Continually updated and benchmarked cyber policies from leading insurers.

Industry-leading cybersecurity expertise

In the Press

CyberDecider is the worlds first cyber insurance policy comparison engine. Our experts in cyber risk use their decades of experience to assist businesses in understanding cybersecurity, whilst paving the way in assessing, planning, and responding to cyber risks. You can read more about us in the press.

Practical help comparing cyber policies

Reduce the time constraints in choosing your clients cyber policies and optimise your offerings with the CyberDecider policy comparison engine

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