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Subscribe to CyberDecider, the leading cyber insurance policy comparison engine.

CyberDecider Membership

CyberDecider subscription pricing

A monthly or yearly subscription gives you access to our fast, detailed and user-friendly cyber insurance policy comparison engine, with access to rapid enquiry support upon results. Your search outcome will include authorised intermediary lists for each product, so you can simply subscribe, run your filtered search, and access the contact details you need to get your policy underway!


Single-user monthly subscription

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Single-user annual subscription

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5-User annual subscription

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Please note that CyberDecider is currently only available to UK Insurance Brokers & Intermediaries.


Tip: If you wish to pay using a credit/debit card, you can select this option when logging into PayPal

UK VAT will be added to all subscriptions at checkout


More than ‘just’ a search engine

Subscription highlights

Unlimited access for up to 5 user accounts

Full product support

  Access to regular online training (free for subscribers!)

Regular updates of the latest policies from leading cyber insurers

 Filter conditions can be saved for multiple clients

Actual policy wording; no narrative or opinion 

Helpful terminology guide

 Access to authorised intermediary lists for each product

Because we value our customers

Additional ‘perks’

When you subscribe to CyberDecider, you automatically qualify for additional discounts on a range of other supporting cyber services. 

If you would like to understand more about how we can help insurers, brokers, and their customers understand and respond effectively to cyber risk, you can speak to a member of our team. Our industry-leading experts are available to help organisations investigate, respond and recover from cyber incidents. 

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