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A step-by-step run-through of each feature of the CyberDecider comparison engine.

Find and compare policies based on your clients needs

We understand that every customer will have different expectations of their cyber policy, so have created a search engine that enables you to determine the best results by filtering those requirements. Take a tour of our CyberDecider comparison engine and allow us to walk you through each stage so that you’ll know exactly what to do.

Filter policy requirements


Designed to simplify policy selection, inbuilt filters cover each area of cyber insurance, including sectors considered by the insurer; simply select those that apply! 

Whether you have a checklist of client requirements or you’re looking to broaden your market knowledge, you will enjoy the benefits of instant and simple to digest results. 

You can save filter selections for each client, creating lists for future use. With the additional notes feature, you have the option to reference important information, and when required, download the search engine results.

View policies that meet requirements


Once the search engine’s narrowed down the results using your chosen filters, it will display a clear and easy to understand list of leading insurer policies that tick your boxes.

From here, you can view:

  • Policy highlights (which include contact names and details and the option to download the policy)

  •  Rating factors (which include factors that drive the underwriting decision)

  •  Policy details (a clear list of factors included and excluded in the policy)



Once you’ve been given the results of your search, you can then compare policies that meet your criteria, with those that don’t.

You will see each of your filtered requirements listed down the left-hand side, and along the top, you will see a list of leading cyber insurers. Where the insurer meets your filtered requirements, you will see a blue tick; if they do not meet the requirements, you will see a red cross. 

With clear, easily translatable results, CyberDecider is fine-tuned for a user-friendly experience. When done, you can download the comparison view for reference.

Download your results


Whether you’re looking for instant results at-a-glance, or details you can keep a record of and share, CyberDecider has been engineered to cover all bases.

Each of your tailored searches can be downloaded with ease or uploaded to your computer. Then you can simply start a fresh search, or select from saved filters. 


CyberDecider User Guide

The CyberDecider 'Guide for Users' gives a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get the most from CyberDecider. The Guide gives a full visual and written explanation of the dashboard, the policy filters (with a breakdown of cover options and how to understand their features), a clear look at understanding the comparison feature, and so much more. 


Subscribers can take advantage of the CyberDecider ‘User Guide’ to gain the full potential of the comparison engine. They can also request web-based user training: contact details can be found in the guide. 

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